Michael Steinle is the Environmental Consulting Practice Lead at Marine Tiger Technologies. Nationally recognized for his expertise in emergency management and system vulnerabilities, he brings more than 33 years of experience in project management, organizational resilience, and sustainability, emergency preparedness and environmental, health and safety stewardship. Michael has served as the project manager and technical lead on many large-scale resilience, sustainability, emergency preparedness, bioterrorism and public health projects across transit, aviation, energy, water and wastewater – as both a consultant and public servant. This includes leading a recent project for the Chicago Transit Authority to conduct a system-wide all-hazards Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) focusing on all bus and rail operations as well as administrative, maintenance, and support functions. Michael has also recently worked with a number of airports to conduct after-action reviews following malevolent events and has published several reports and articles focused on emergency management and preparedness, airport security and vulnerabilities. Michael holds an M.B.A and a B.S. in Biology and Biochemistry from Kansas State University.